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Seventh Season Finale Ratings

Seventh Season Finale Ratings

Yesterday's revealing season finale of How I Met Your Mother tied for first in the key demos and finished third place in the overall ratings.

"The Magician's Code" was watched by 10.48 million people, up by almost 600,000 from the last episode, and scored a 5.0/8 rating in households. The show finished third in households and total viewers, ranking behind NBC's America's Got Talent and ABC's Dancing with the Stars. In the important adults 18-49 demographic, How I Met Your Mother scored a 3.7/11 rating, up by four tenths of a ratings point from the 3.3/10 rating on April 30. How I Met Your Mother tied for first place with NBC's Amercia's Got Talent in the 18-49 demo.

Compared to last year's half-hour season finale, the show was up 11% in households and added 1.43m viewers, was up 21% in adults 25-54 and 16% among adults 18-49.

Posted on 15 May 2012 18:14 in Show.

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tru story South Africa, 13:43 Sep 11 2012.
So disappointed that Robin marries Barney. I must admit that I loved that Barney fell for her, but I really wanted Robin to be the "mother" Not sure if I am going to be so keen to watch from now on
Adi88 Romania, 11:17 May 16 2012.
Wonderful episode(s) I'm happy for Ted that he got back with Victoria but i'm a little confused as to why he accepted to ''steal'' Victoria from another man after all he should know better than anyone how it feels to be left at the altar, anyway i don't think things are going to work out for these two even tough i'd like Victoria to be the mother the writers made it perfectly clear that she's not.. anyway Barney & Quinn i'm loving these two together and was soched at the proposal but more shocked at the end to see that the bride was actually Robin, so many twists and turns are waiting for these two, and finally Lily and Marshall become parents, i'm looking forward to see how are they going to handle being responsible parents and stay close with the group. It was a good season and i'm looking forward to an even better season 8! It's going to be a long summer!
Gledgen-wait for it-dary Australia, 19:00 May 15 2012.
Watched the season finale last night and couple of things came to mind. 1. Coolest middle name ever Marv! 2. Good to see Victoria come back, surely she's the one for Ted, but I fear not as he says that he met the mother at Uncle Barney's wedding. do we know if she owned a yellow umbrella or plays bass in a reggae band? 3. as much as I love the Barnstormer and But Um Schabotsky part of me felt a bit ripped off that she was the bride. On one hand they both found what they were looking for but on the other hand, I thought Quinn was perfect to match Barney's non standard approach to relationships. There was more story to go with both of them help each other move towards that "utopia" that Lilly and Marshall seem to have. Curious to see how season 8 starts as Barney's wedding was a long way down the road so ep 1 of season 8 will have us back up the road and we will have to watch Barney back out of his engagement and rekindle his relationship with Robin. And hopefully more clues about the mother will be revealed.

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