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Quotes from Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

'Challenge Accepted' - Season 6, Episode 24

Robin and Barney bond when they intervene in Ted's relationship (until they run into Nora), and Marshall and Lily watch a ticking clock as he fears that he soon will be the victim of food poisoning. Meanwhile, Ted performs his Best Man duties at a very important wedding.

Air Date: May 16th 2011.

Robin: Ted, the future is scary. But you can't just run back to the past because it's familiar. Yes, it's tempting...
Barney: But it's a mistake.

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Lily: no one will know that I'm pregnant. 4 beers and 1 non-alcoholic please.
Karl: You're pregnant, come here. (Hugs lily)

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Arthur: My wife got custody of tugboat. I should have just locked her in a cage in the basement.
Barney: Isn't that animal cruelty?
Arthur: I was talking about my wife.

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John Clifford Larrabee: The arcadian was built by an incompetent imbecile with two thumbs (points to himself) this guy.

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