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Quotes from Landmarks


'Landmarks' - Season 6, Episode 23

When Ted is faced with an important decision that might affect his future with Zoey, the gang expresses their true feelings about her.

Air Date: May 9th 2011.

Past Barney: If Ted Mosby says that the Arcadian should be a landmark, then fire me.
Barney: Damn it... I'm kidding?
Past Barney: I'm not kidding, by the way how are thing with your wife and tugboat?
Past Arthur: They're Great.
Barney and Arthur: Damn it.

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Barney: You can't just fire Ted.
Arthur: Oh, I won't just fire Ted, I'll also fire you.
Barney: Come again for big fudge.

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Ted: No ninja's getting a jump on me, I have the reflexes of a jungle...Robin slaps him
Lily: ...tree?

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Ted: The Arcadian causes a lot of problems.
John Clifford Larrabee: mo' buildings mo' problems.

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Ted: Barney, there's some condoms in the drawers. Just take them and go.
John Clifford Larrabee: (shouts) I am not Barney. (light changes)
Ted: Whoa, lighting change.

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