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Quotes from Architect of Destruction

Architect of Destruction

'Architect of Destruction' - Season 6, Episode 5

Ted becomes conflicted about pursuing his dream job of designing the new GNB headquarters after meeting a hot girl who's passionate about saving the landmark building that is being torn down to make room for it.

Air Date: October 18th 2010.

Barney: (The girls are talking about penis size) How can you speak of such things?
Lily: You kidding? Barney every time I mentioned a woman you don t know, the first thing you say is: "boobs?" Not the complete sentence like: "Does she have big boobs?", which would also not be great, but just "boobs?"
Barney: I do not do that!
Lily: My friend Lori from work...
Barney: Boobs? ... Damn it!

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