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Quotes from Cleaning House

Cleaning House

'Cleaning House' - Season 6, Episode 2

When Barney convinces the gang to help his mom move out of her home, they quickly learn that she has been very protective of Barney and lied to him about events throughout his life.

Air Date: September 27th 2010.

Barney: You don't think I can't talk you into helping me pack? I once got the Queen to fist pump me.
Ted: Dude, no one believes that story.
Lily: Maybe you can convince those brain surgeons you date to believe you, but it won't work on us.
*Barney adjusts his collar, cracks his knuckles and clears his throat. Cut to the guys packing at Barney's mother's house*
Lily: How does he do that?

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Lily: *Picks up Barney's pee-wee basketball shirt* Aw, who was the cutest widdle basketball pwayer before he became the biggest pervert in the world?

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James: Funny how all these girls have the exact same handwriting as the Postmaster General, mom, and home-run king ... Frank Aaron.

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Lily: Milk and lutefisk? Don't they have cookies in Minnesota?
Marshall: Yeah, 'cause that's what Santa needs while flying in a snowstorm over the Rockies, a sugar crash.

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Barney: So this is why I'm so good at basketball? Guys, I'm black! Sorry, African-American. No, I'm allowed to say either.

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Barney: Ted, capture this special moment.
Ted: I think you need Salvador Dali to capture this particular moment, but all right.

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Ted: Wait a minute. Why would a ten want to date the incontinent freak show you just described? You oversold her! You told me she was a ten!
Robin: Yes, but I didn't specify on what scale.
Ted: You told me she looked like a movie star!
Robin: Yeah, Robert DeNiro. But from Cape Fear. He was buff in that.

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