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Quotes from The Window

The Window

'The Window' - Season 5, Episode 10

A woman Ted has wanted to date for years is finally on the market again. A letter Marshall wrote to himself when he was 15 reinforces his fear he's become a corporate stooge.

Air Date: December 7th 2009.

Ted: Listen to me. You want me to find the perfect girl so we can all grow old together? That is her. Do not let any guy near her, okay? That means no waiter takes her order, no bus-boy clears her table, if she bursts into flame, I want a fire-woman putting her out.
Marshall: I don't think 911 takes requests
Ted: Damn it, Marshall! I have to teach my class; keep Maggie Wilkes single until I get back.

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Ted: I don't want Giddy-Ups. I want that. It's been a long time since I've gone after the real thing. But I think I'm ready again.
Barney: I want to have sex with a girl so I can take off these overalls.

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Robin: Ted, change of plans.
Ted: You left her with Barney?!
Barney: Ted, relax. I'm your bro.
Ted: You're an animal!

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Robin: Not that I care about this challenge, but it's cheating to wear overalls over a suit.
Barney: Not it's not. They're called overalls: not over T-shirts, not over shirtless fat guys who used to fix my mom's car and then hang out with her in her room.

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Ted: (Running down the street) I hate Barney Stinson!
Random Woman: Me, too!

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