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Quotes from Duel Citizenship

Duel Citizenship

'Duel Citizenship' - Season 5, Episode 5

Robin decides to become a U.S. citizen after she faces deportation, but she finds it hard to give up her Canadian heritage. Ted and Marshall go on a road trip to Chicago but find Lily's spoiling their fun.

Air Date: October 19th 2009.

Marshall: We were having a perfectly nice time, and then you kidnapped me! You didn't even let me put on underwear!
Ted: We never used to put on underwear! (Pizza guy stares at them)

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Robin: What happened?
Barney: You went Canadian.
Robin: How Canadian?
Barney: THIS Canadian! (Opens the curtains but a building blocks the view) Oh. That was supposed to be a dramatic view of the Toronto skyline. We're in Toronto!

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Barney: To prove you are as American as apple pie and the childhood obesity it leads to, answer this last question. Who is this? (Holds up a picture of Ernest P. Worrell)
Robin: That is the fine actor best known for the "Hey, Vern" series of films. And his name is Jeff Foxworthy.
Barney: Wrong. It's Jim Varney.
Robin: It's Jeff Foxworthy, you idiot! Now get out of my face!
Barney: Robin, not only were you wrong, but you belligerently stuck to your guns and insulted me in the process. (Salutes) Congratulations, you are an American.

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Barney: It's not gonna be easy, like the Canadian citizenship test.
Robin: How do you know the Canadian citizenship test is easy?
Barney: It's Canada! Question One: "Do you want to be Canadian?" Question Two: "Really?".

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Barney: (Holding a Canadian $5 bill) There's kids playing hockey on the back. It's like you want us to make fun of you!

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Barney: Let's go buy something that's bad for us then sue the people who made it. That's American, Robin!

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