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Mosbius Designs

'Mosbius Designs' - Season 4, Episode 20

Ted decides to run his own design firm from his apartment, but his newly hired personal assistant is more interested in Robin. Meanwhile, Marshall looks for a schtick to make him unreplaceable as GNB lays off more workers.

Air Date: April 13th 2009.

Ted: It's like I'm giving up before I even get started.
Robin: You wanna talk about giving up? I used to describe my ideal guy as funny, smart, passionate, challenging. Apparently, now I will settle for in my apartment. Do you ever think you'd have it all figured out by now?
Ted: Are you kidding? By thirty, I was supposed to be annoyingly successful, married to the perfect woman, maybe a kid on the way. Instead I'm just a guy sitting in his apartment having a staring contest with his phone and losing.

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Ted: What if I don't think of the books?
Robin: Excuse me?
Ted: There's this famous architecture story about this architect who designed this library. It was perfect. But every year, it would sink a couple inches into the ground. Eventually the building was condemned. He forgot to account for the weight of the books. This company, it's just me. What if I don't think of the books?

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