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Quotes from The Possimpible

The Possimpible

'The Possimpible' - Season 4, Episode 14

Barney helps Robin produce a video resume, as she's faces deportation unless she finds a job within the next week.

Air Date: February 2nd 2009.

Barney: All my life I have dared to go past what is possible.
Interviewer: To the impossible?
Barney: Actually, past that. To the place where the possible and the impossible meet, to become ... the possimpible.
Lily: The possimpible? Really?
Barney: Inventing your own word shows creativity and vision.
Marshall: Visitivity!

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Barney: That's what corporate America wants: people who seem like bold risk takers, but never actually do anything.

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Robin: I can't break 15 bricks with my forehead.
Barney: Robin, it's not 1950 anymore. Yes, you can.

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