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Quotes from Benefits


'Benefits' - Season 4, Episode 12

Ted and Robin discover that being friends with benefits helps them avoid fighting. Meanwhile, Marshall admits he's too embarrassed to use the bathroom at work.

Air Date: January 12th 2009.

Barney: So I explain to her, I said, "Madeline, every single international conflict essentially boils down to sexual tension."
Ted: Every international conflict?
Barney: Every single one, dude.
Ted: So the crisis in the Middle East could be solved by...
Barney: Gaza Strippers! Next!
Ted: Apartheid.
Barney: Apart-thighs! What else you got?
Ted: Cold War.
Barney: Mrs. Gorbachev, take down those pants!

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Ted: So, last night Robin left the pizza box out on the floor, so we had sex three times.
Marshall: Sure.
Ted: And then this morning, before I left for work, we kissed.
Marshall: Oh, that's weird. That is weird!

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Barney: Ted, I have to tell you the truth. I'm in love with ... tacos.

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