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Quotes from Sandcastles in the Sand

Sandcastles in the Sand

'Sandcastles in the Sand' - Season 3, Episode 16

Robin's past musical career rears its head again, as Robin re-unites with an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart.

Air Date: April 21st 2008.

Marshall: So is he the guy who, how shall I say this like a gentleman...Robin, did he take your "maple leaf"?
Robin: No, it wasn't like that.
Barney: Sounds to me like he gave you your first "Oh Canada" face!

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Barney: You're the most awesome person I've ever known. Well, second most awesome.
Robin: Right, of course the first being you.
Barney: No, no. The first is this guy who lives in a place called the mirror. What up?

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