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Quotes from No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow

'No Tomorrow' - Season 3, Episode 12

On St. Patrick's day Ted follows Barney to a bar and lives like there's no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Robin discovers something strange about Marshall and Lily's new apartment.

Air Date: March 17th 2008.

Marshall: What the hell is wrong with you? You kissed a married woman, Ted. You committed credit card fraud... you kissed a married woman! Do you know how offensive that is to me? You're turning into Barney. We don't need another Barney.

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Lily: We're going to raise our kids here. I don't want some Confederate General ghost teaching them his racism.
Marshall: He loves people of all colors and creeds. He was fighting for states' rights, that's all.
Lily: Robin said he was wearing a sheet. What do you think that means?

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(Lily repeatedly wins Hungry Hungry Hippos due to the slanted floor of their new apartment)
Lily: Why do I keep winning?
Robin: Maybe your hippo is just hungrier, hungrier than ours.

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Ted: Barney, where are you?
Barney: In a cab, heading downtown with our hot and sexy dates for the evening. Yes, it happens that fast!

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Lily: Marshall, you see ghosts everywhere. You see ghosts at Starbucks.
Marshall: That Kenny G holiday CD just flew off the shelf!
Robin: Last time that happened.

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