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Quotes from I'm Not That Guy

I'm Not That Guy

'I'm Not That Guy' - Season 3, Episode 6

Marshall is forced to consider ditching his environmental principles when a law firm offers him a job. Meanwhile, Ted discovers a porn star is using his name and Lily shares a secret with Robin.

Air Date: October 29th 2007.

Ted: You know what I like to do in situations like this?
Marshall: Ted, if you say 'make a list of pros and cons', I'm going to smack you!
Ted: I wasn't going to suggest that.
Waitress: Two beers, and Ted, here's that legal pad you asked for.
Ted: I ordered fries. Maybe you should use that to take down people's orders!

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Jeff: You know what Kobe Beef is?
Marshall: The most expensive beef in the world.
Jeff: The place that I'm taking you has Kobe Lobster. That is lobster fed with Kobe Beef.

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Ted: (Hugging Marshall) Congrats, buddy.
Marshall: Thanks. It's kind of weird hugging you with porn on.

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Barney: Let's meet your new doppelgänger, or should I say doppelbänger?

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Lily: Are you telling me they actually have conventions for porn?
Barney: Affirmative. Or to put it another way, God bless America.

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Robin: You're the couple that tells each other everything. For God's sake, Lily, you text him while he's on the can.

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