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Quotes from We're Not From Here

We're Not From Here

'We're Not From Here' - Season 3, Episode 2

Ted and Barney pretend to be tourists in New York City to pick up women. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily write letters to each other in the event of one of them dying.

Air Date: October 1st 2007.

Barney: (Looking at Robin's travel photos) Whoa. Are you topless? Ted, check this out.
Ted: Seen 'em.

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Robin: This just in, look at my hand, how weird is my hand, is not an appropriate thing to say on the air.

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Barney: We just survived a mugging. You know what that means?
Ted: Thank-God-we're-alive sex!

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Ted: I'll do almost anything to get laid, but I will not go to New Jersey.

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