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Quotes from Arrivederci, Fiero

Arrivederci, Fiero

'Arrivederci, Fiero' - Season 2, Episode 17

Marshall's car is close to hitting 200,000 miles, leading the gang to reminisce about their own car memories.

Air Date: February 26th 2007.

Ted: You do know how to drive, right?
Barney: 'Course. I love driving. Except for lady drivers. Don't get me started on lady drivers, right?
Ted: Which pedal's the gas?
Barney: That's a trick question.
Ted: No, it's not.
Barney: Left. Middle. Right?

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Marshall: The broken windows?
Lily: We had to make it look realistic.
Marshall: But why did you break two of them?
Robin: It looked like fun when she did it, so I wanted to give it a try.
Marshall: I can't believe it was you guys. I've been blaming really tan dancing leotard guy.
Lily: I'm sorry Marshall, but sharing that secret was when Robin and I became best friends.

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Robin: Come on, Lily! Thai food: Pag Yung Thao, Bing Yung Su, Thai Si Ran.
Lily: You're just saying random syllables, and it still sounds delicious!

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Marshall: We'll get a new car, and we'll fill that one up with new memories. That'll be the car we have when we're first married. When we own our first house. Maybe even the first car our four kids remember.
Lily: Oh, that's so sweet. The first car our two kids remember.

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Marshall: I'm sorry about your spectacles.
Ted: It's okay. They were decorative.

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Ted: That trip was when me and Marshall became best friends.
Barney: With privileges it sounds.

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