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Quotes from Columns


'Columns' - Season 2, Episode 13

After finding a naked portrait of Marshall painted by Lily, Barney asks her to paint one of him. Ted struggles to find the right time to fire his old boss, who now works for him.

Air Date: January 22nd 2007.

Lily: (Trying to paint Barney with a sword in his hand) I don't think your sword will fit.
Barney: I get that a lot.

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Barney: (Sees his nude painting) She left out my little Barney!Barney jr. My barnana. Little barnacle.

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Barney: You have been blessed with a wonderful gift.
Lily: Thank you.
Barney: I meant me.

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Ted: (After seeing Marshall steal his nude painting from the bar) One of my worst fears just came true: I saw Marshall grab himself naked.

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Lily: (Talking about Marshall's nude painting) I knew this day would come.
Marshall: How did you know that?
Lily: Because I didn't hide it very well.

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