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Quotes from Swarley


'Swarley' - Season 2, Episode 7

Marshall is warned that his new date has "crazy eyes", but Lily is driven equally crazy by Marshall's first date.

Air Date: November 6th 2006.

Lily: Are you free tomorrow night? I was thinking of having a wine tasting/help me catch the rat in my apartment party.
Ted: That's a great idea, you can put out cheese for both.

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Robin: What's up, Swarles?
Barney: No, okay? No! No more! I will not let this become a thing! It's OVER! No more "Swarley!" No "Swarles!" No more "Swar-LAY!" No more "Swar--wait for it--LEE!" No more "Bob Swarleyman!" No more! No! It's over! Do you understand?

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