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Quotes from Aldrin Justice

Aldrin Justice

'Aldrin Justice' - Season 2, Episode 6

Ted gets Lily a job at his work, but she causes him trouble when he won't stand up to his boss. Meanwhile, Barney sleeps with Marshall's law professor to help his grades.

Air Date: October 23rd 2006.

Barney: Tonight, just like John Mellencamp, I am going to get rid of the cougar once and for all.

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Barney: Marshall, I've thought it over and I accept your challenge-
Marshall: I didn't challenge you to have sex-
Barney: Tomorrow, the cougar hunt begins.

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Barney: Now the blouse. The cougar displays maximum cleavage possible to captivate her prey. You're watching them bounce; she's about to pounce.

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(Robin toasting Ted at the bar)
Robin: To Ted, the youngest person to ever design a building over 70 stories, probably!
Everyone in the bar: Probably!

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Barney: Let the hunt begin!
Marshall: Wait! I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with you hunting my constitutional law professor.
Barney: Who would you rather have grading your papers? A savage, man eating, jungle cat or a purring, satisfied kitty?
Marshall: Go Barney, go mount and stuff that cougar!

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