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Quotes from World's Greatest Couple

World's Greatest Couple

'World's Greatest Couple' - Season 2, Episode 5

Lily, in search of a place to stay, discovers Barney's bachelor pad. Meanwhile, Marshall finds an unlikely companion for brunch.

Air Date: October 16th 2006.

Barney: Look around Lily, you are in the heart of bachelor country. And as a woman, you are an illegal immigrant here. Now you can try to apply for a sex visa, but that only lasts twelve hours. Fourteen if you qualify for multiple entry.

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Barney:You spooned me against my will.

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Ted: Is that a toilet in your kitchen?
Robin: Or a stove in your bathroom?
Lily: Oh, that's not just a stove, that's a stove-ink-erator. A combination of a stove, oven, sink, and refrigerator. Stove-ink-erator. Isn't that futuristic?
Ted: God, I hope not.

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Lily: (Watching Barney's 300-inch TV) It hurts my eyes.
Barney: Yeah, that doesn't go away.

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Barney: What was the first rule again?
Lily: Don't change anything?
Barney: And what was the second rule?
Lily: There was no second rule.
Barney: Exactly, there was only one rule and you broke it!

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Barney: We redecorated my place. We stayed in on a Friday night to watch Letterman, and then slept together and didn't have sex! Oh my god, we're in a relationship!

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Barney:You somehow managed to circumvent my security, how did you do it?
Lily: Ted gave me you spare key.
Barney: Spare key, brilliant!

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Lily: You have a room for your suits.
Barney: I'm at the point in my life where my suits are my family

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