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Quotes from Ted Mosby, Architect

Ted Mosby, Architect

'Ted Mosby, Architect' - Season 2, Episode 4

Barney informs Ted that single women like architects, a fact that might come in handy when Ted and Robin have their first fight.

Air Date: October 9th 2006.

Lily: If he's really droning on, you can always practice saying the alphabet backwards. You know, in case you get pulled over for a DUI.
Robin: I guess I don't know how to do that.
Lily: Yeah, it's really hard, even when you're sober. That's what I tried to explain to the cop.

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Marshall: You know what dude, forget about Robin. You're hanging with us tonight, I've got a awesome party lined up.
Barney: Oh God, it's going to be another one of your weird all guy parties?
Marshall: That was a poker game, what is wrong with you?

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Ted: Hey, Marshall. You up for some super-loud, repetitive music that hasn't changed since the mid '90s?
Marshall: Ummm...only always.

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Lily: He asked her to a party! Oh my God! Are you okay?
Robin: Okay? It's awesome. It's a win-win. Ted got to vent and I don't have to hear it. Maybe after he's done with the talkie-talk he'll come over and I'll get the fun part.
Lily: What is wrong with you?!

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Barney: You're like God. There's nobody hotter than God.
Ted: Hmmm, I love it when you quote scripture.

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