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Quotes from Brunch


'Brunch' - Season 2, Episode 3

When Ted's parents visit New York City, he learns a secret they've been keeping from him. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall try to intentionally get each other aroused.

Air Date: October 2nd 2006.

Virginia Mosby: Oh, Barney. You're just delightful.
Barney: No, you're delightful. I'm delighted. And he's just Ted. I'm just making this stuff up. I don't know where they're coming from.

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Barney: No one is turned on by a man's calves! They're a completely unerotic body part.
Marshall: You would say that because of those chicken legs.
Barney: I'll be waiting by the phone for your apology.

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Marshall: Are you wearing a push-up bra?
Lily: Did you Mystic Tan your calves?
Marshall: I withdraw the question.

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Barney: Robin, I'm his best friend, that's a commitment. You're just his girlfriend. That's like a bad flu, out of your system after a couple of weeks in bed. High five!

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Virginia Mosby: Oh, I forgot to tell you. Your cousin Jimmy had a wonderful time at the spa he visited.
Ted: You mean that spa the judge ordered him to go to, to quit cocaine?
Virigina: Coffee?

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