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Quotes from Life Among the Gorillas

Life Among the Gorillas

'Life Among the Gorillas' - Season 1, Episode 17

In the course of a month, Ted's long-distant girlfriend Victoria has sent three care packages while he's sent her nothing.

Air Date: March 20th 2006.

Barney: Look at you. You suited in an unmistakably upward direction.

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Barney: Marshall, I should feel tremors of psych-itude rock my body like a seizure. That was like a declawed, pregnant cat on a porch swing idly swatting at a fly on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Marshall: Wow, that was really specific.

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Lily: So if those guys pressure you to smoke, what do you say?
Marshall: Only when I'm drunk.
Lily: Good boy.

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Lily: I made you a sack lunch. (Giggles)
Marshall: I love you because, one, you made me a sack lunch, and two, you laugh every time you say the word "sack."

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