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Quotes from Game Night

Game Night

'Game Night' - Season 1, Episode 15

After an old girlfriend drops off a tape of the "real" Barney, Barney regales the gang with a story from 1998 and how became the awesome Barney he is today.

Air Date: February 27th 2006.

Marshall: Backgammon sucks. I took the only good part of backgammon, the gammon, and I left the rest of it in the trash where it belongs.

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Marshall: Well, we have the whole place to ourselves.
Lily: I'm thinking ... floor sex!
Marshall: Sounds reasonable.

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Barney: Believe it or not, I was not always as awesome as I am today.

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Victoria: Well boyfriends, I've only had two.
Robin: Prude alert!
Victoria: Well, that's serious boyfriends, I've dated other guys in between.
Robin: Slut alert!

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