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Zip, Zip, Zip

'Zip, Zip, Zip' - Season 1, Episode 14

Ted and Victoria had decided to wait a month before sleeping together, but they decide they've waited long enough.

Air Date: February 6th 2006.

Marshall: It's been 45 minutes. We could've had sex three times by now!
Lily: Try five! (They high five)

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Robin: No. I thought we're just hanging out as friends.
Barney: Oh, come on. You've been throwing yourself at me all night.
Robin: What? I did the opposite, I threw some other girl at you.
Barney: You invited me up to your apartment to play Battleship. Is that not an internationally recognized term for sex?

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Barney: The only reason to wait a month for sex is if she's 17 years, 11 months old.

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Lily: Baby, I need to do something and I can't do it in front of you. It will change the nature of our relationship.
Marshall: What is it?
Lily: I need to pee.
Marshall: This is bad. We've gone nine years without peeing in front of each other.

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Robin: Come on, Ted can't be pregnant. You need to have sex to get pregnant!

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