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Quotes from Drumroll, Please

Drumroll, Please

'Drumroll, Please' - Season 1, Episode 13

Ted meets a new woman at Claudia and Stuart's wedding. They initially agree not to exchange names or numbers and make it a one night stand, but Ted ends up wanting to find her again.

Air Date: January 23rd 2006.

Marshall: Maybe she was a ghost. That's why she didn't want to kiss you because you'd pass right through her and get really cold for a second. Oh my God, I just had a great idea for a screenplay.
Ted: Marshall, she was not a ghost.
Marshall: I know she wasn't a ghost. She picked up a bouquet proving she had corporeal form.

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Marshall: Ted, how do I explain this to you. Last night, I ate the best cake of my life. Do you think I'm gonna let that cake out of my life? Hell, no. I'm gonna find out what bakery made that cake and I'm gonna get some more cake.
Ted: That cake really got to you?
Marshall: It haunts me.

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Ted: Great I'm gonna need you to call her for me.
Barney: You know I won't.
Ted: Why not?
Barney: Because we just hooked up last night. I can't call the girl the next day, I have to wait at least like...forever, Oh Snap! Never gonna call her.

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Barney: Sorry, buddy, wish I could help you, but my hands are tied. Oh, no wait. That was last night. (Makes a whipping sound)

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Barney(flips open his cell): This better be good. I'm about to enter Nirvana. By the way I should get you Nirvana's phone number, she gives a great massage. Say whaaaat?

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Claudia: What was her name? Was it my fat cousin, Lindsay? Don't be embarrassed, she has pretty eyes.

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