What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother finale?

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Very Bad SE Kallinge, SE 21 hours ago
Bad US Logan, US 21 hours ago
Very Bad AU Coolbinia, AU 22:42 Nov 17 2017
Excellent NL Amsterdam, NL 17:34 Nov 17 2017
Very Bad US Glenside, US 19:14 Nov 15 2017


jan Netherlands, 12:01 Oct 12 2015.
I just wished it ended better. We watch tv to forget the reallity. Now i know i will grow apart from my freinds eventually, that is not something to look forward to. i just wished that they would have stayed in new york together and occasionally still go to maclaren`s.
saimcheeda Pakistan, 07:20 Sep 17 2015.
The Worst finale ever made!
Sam United States, 23:12 Oct 1 2014.
I loved the show but I really hated the ending. I would've liked it a lot better if Tracy was still alive and Barney and Robin were still together. (Just an idea of mine but, there should be a sequel series about Ted and Tracy's kids and what they are going through in their adult life)
Alan Scott United States, 18:58 Aug 28 2014.
I was so upset, I rewrote the ending on youtube. I hope you enjoy it! How I Met Your Mother the finale, finally! https://www.youtube.com/watchv=eG0hiFzp5Sc
Linus Germany, 12:42 Aug 13 2014.
Its just sooo stupid in the last episode Barney and Robin are married and in the final they are no couple anymore its just soo stupid. cant underst
Fan United States, 07:59 Jul 26 2014.
I love the 8 first seasons. The last season was not as good. The last episode left me a mixed feeling. i understand there is a need for unexpected but i am not convinced. why breaking up robin and barney who were great together? Anyway. this show is legendary and i enjoyed watching it for the many last years... Thank you for the great show! Great actors and great scenarios.
Rox United Kingdom, 18:53 Jul 20 2014.
It was beautiful. And lets face it, the show wasn't about the mother - it was about Ted's quest for love, and he was fortunate enough to find and fall in love with two special women; one who bore him two children, and another with whom he had a long lasting, unbreakable and returning bond. It's the stuff dreams are made of, with a dose of reality too (people do divorce, die etc). It didn't trivialise the mother - the fact that it's implied he stayed single for 6 years after her death shows how much he loved her. I don't understand why it has caused such contention.
L( Ukraine, 11:55 Jul 11 2014.
I wish to forget last episode and never watch it again!In my mind,Barney and Robin are still the most awesome couple out there,and Ted got that sweet dorky girl to match him perfectly.
peyman Iran, 02:53 Jun 2 2014.
please make another 9 season-i am addicted to this series-i do not know how can i spend my days without this series
Bon Philippines, 12:36 Apr 21 2014.
Things that prevented Robin and Ted together on their first try were the dreams of her to go around the world and him to have two kids. By the end of season 9, they both got those dreams so there is nothing more to hinder them from being together. To all those who created this show (writers, crews, props, actors, directors, producers and more) thank you for giving us a legendary show.

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