What did you think of the How I Met Your Mother finale?

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Very Bad US Waukesha, US 1 hour ago
Very Bad GB London, GB 5 hours ago
Very Bad US Colorado Springs, US 17 hours ago
Very Good BR Sao Paulo, BR 15:20 Apr 29 2017
Very Bad US Lima, US 13:22 Apr 29 2017

Comments (28)

Hamoon Iran, 17:02 Apr 20 2017.
The finale was great!! Loved it so much!!
Marjolein Netherlands, 15:00 Apr 10 2017.
Barney and Robin are perfect for each other. I wish i stopped watching when they got married.
Someone United Arab Emirates, 18:50 Jan 15 2017.
Worst finale of all time
Bella United States, 19:02 Nov 10 2016.
I just don't like how Barney and Robin got divorced. I mean, all that buildup on the proposal and wedding, just for them to leave each other and go back to Ted? And killing the mother off, too. The mother was instantly already one of my favorite characters as soon as she came into the show.
Ava Canada, 20:29 Sep 22 2016.
Well, Ted was always : Robin Robin Robin.. Think about it, he chose to tell his kids the story that way and most of it was about Robin.. Heck he starts the story from the day he met Robin. It was all about her, you just had to pay more attention
jade Canada, 01:45 Jun 23 2016.
i know many people were disapointed with the ending of the show because we had waited 9 seasons to figure out who the mom is and they ended up killing her off. Once i took the time to think about it though i saw it in a whole new perspectve though . This whole show was centered around the love triangle surronding ted barney and robin. No matter who ted dated he would always go back to robin. Robin was teds soulmate in the show from day 1. The only problem was that she didnt wany to have kids. Thats were Tracey comes in, she had teds babies and was his beautiful wife and he loved her for that. But again robin was always meant to be with ted. Thats why i loved the last episode so much they ended the show with act of him bringing her the blue french horn the same french horn he had given to her on the first episode. Thats why i belive the end was so hauntingly beautiful.
Someguy Pakistan, 15:45 Jun 6 2016.
Wish you weren't such a dumbass Anthony
Anthony United States, 01:16 Nov 14 2015.
If you didn't know Ted and Robin would end up together in the end, you are an idiot. This finale was PERFECT. Wouldn't change a thing. Wish people would stop being so negative.
Rishabh India, 13:54 Oct 22 2015.
If only they all ended up together in McLaren's pub, that would be so great but just so that you know I cried and I am a guy . ;( and on top of that her mother died . ;( ;( ;(
jan Netherlands, 12:01 Oct 12 2015.
I just wished it ended better. We watch tv to forget the reallity. Now i know i will grow apart from my freinds eventually, that is not something to look forward to. i just wished that they would have stayed in new york together and occasionally still go to maclaren`s.

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