Who is your favourite character?

  • Ted
  • Marshall
  • Barney
  • Lily
  • Robin
  • Ted (761 votes /12.5%)
  • Marshall (1,141 votes /18.8%)
  • Barney (2,816 votes /46.4%)
  • Lily (672 votes /11.1%)
  • Robin (682 votes /11.2%)
  • 6,072 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Barney CA York, CA 12 hours ago
Marshall TH Bangkok, TH 19 hours ago
Robin DK DK 16:19 Apr 24 2017
Barney NL Breda, NL 15:49 Apr 24 2017
Barney US Selden, US 14:37 Apr 24 2017

Comments (32)

Marjolein  Netherlands, 14:54 Apr 10 2017.
Barney! And i hate the ending...
Freddy United Kingdom, 18:53 Mar 19 2017.
Ranjit!!! He's the unsung hero of how I met your mother
RE United States, 15:44 Mar 11 2017.
Barny is legn... wait for it... dary
Ariane Canada, 20:28 Dec 26 2016.
Robin! It was hard to choose, but she is so funny and canadian :)
Archie United States, 12:28 Nov 27 2016.
There is no one like Barney!! He is soo awesome...
jade Canada, 01:20 Jun 23 2016.
my favorite characther is by far ted. hes romantic, caring, spontanious and follows his heart and watching him fall so deeply so for the woman he dates is such a beautiful thing to see.
Sai Ganesh India, 11:46 Jun 11 2016.
Barney is the man of the show.. god i love him so much
Vijetha India, 22:42 May 11 2016.
Lily, by a mile. That sass beats it all.
Eder Mexico, 02:11 Nov 24 2015.
Love Barney, I can really relate to his past, he really does change for the better and always put everyone before him, sure he was a pervert at times but still, second fav is Marshall, and well my least fav was Ted
Atheeth India, 11:26 Oct 19 2015.
Barney and marshall are the best characters on the show But i would have to say barney is my favourite. >SPOILER ALERT< I hated the ending.There were a million and one better endings available.

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