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6.14 - Last Words Aired January 17, 2011

Last Words

The gang travels home to Minnesota with Marshall where Ted and Barney will stop at nothing to make Marshall laugh. Meanwhile, Marshall has an unfortunate meeting with an old high school bully that terrorized him throughout his youth.

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Guest Stars: Bill Fagerbakke as Marvin Eriksen, Sr., Suzie Plakson as Judy Eriksen, Chris Elliott as Mickey Aldrin, Michael Gross as Alfred Mosby, Danny Strong as Trey, Ray Wise as Robin Sr, Robert Michael Ryan as Marvin Eriksen, Jr., Harry S. Murphy as Reverend Platt, Bobby Ray Shafer as Uncle Pete, Ned Rolsma as Markus Eriksen, Noah James Butler as British General, Caitlin Wehrle as Daphne

Written by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Viewers: 10.54 million Households Rating: 6.3/10 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.9/10

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Marshall: Wait! I'm wrong! I'm wrong! That wasn't it! They couldn't find a cab. So my dad called up from the street.
Marvin Eriksen Sr.: Hey! Marshall! Marshall! Looks like rain out here! I-I couldn't find an umbrella in your closet! You know who probably has an umbrella?
Marshall: And then... well see my dad grew up in a small town in another generation. So sometimes, totally well meaningly he'd say stuff like...
Marvin Eriksen Sr.: The Koreans across the hall! The Koreans are trustworthy and generous people!
Marshall: Dad?
Marvin Eriksen Sr.: I bet one of the Koreans have an umbrella! Heck! They're Koreans!
Marshall: My dad's last words to me were a string of odd racial stereotypes.

Marshall: Hey you were right. The Kangs did in fact have an umbrella.
Marvin Eriksen Sr.: Of course they did.

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