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6.01 - Big Days Aired September 20, 2010

Big Days

When Ted and Barney argue about who has "dibs" on a hot girl, Ted realizes that she is there with Cindy, a girl he previously dated who is also the roommate of his future wife. Meanwhile, Robin is heartbroken over Don, and Marshall can't keep quiet about his desire to start a family

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Guest Stars: Bill Fagerbakke as Marvin Eriksen, Sr., Lyndsy Fonseca as Daughter, David Henrie as Son, Rachel Bilson as Cindy, Kaylee Anne Defer as Girl, Michael Edwin as Delivery Guy, Peter Katona as Co-worker #1, Brian Jones as Co-worker #2, James Ryen as Co-worker #3, Daniel Kash as Guy, Lou George as Bob, Bette Rae as Gertrude, Aaron Takahashi as Bill

Written by: Craig Thomas, Carter Bays

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Viewers: 8.79 million Households Rating: 5.3/7 Adults 18-49 Rating: 3.6/10

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Quotes (3)

Lily: Barney, am I crazy? Marshall talks to his dad way too much.
Barney: You don't want my opinion on that.
Lily: Why not?
Barney: If I had my dad's number, I would never not be on the phone with him.
Lily: Wow, Barney. That was really...
Barney: Whoa, check out who just walked in! A hottie with a body! (Makes motorboat noises)
Lily: Brief.

Lily: Marshall, woah! Wait. A big package just arrived.
Marshall: Yeah, it did.
Lily: No no, it's a real package from your dad.
Marshall: Okay, that's a little weird, but yeah, it is.

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