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5.14 - The Perfect Week Aired February 1, 2010

The Perfect Week

With Barney about to complete a perfect week - landing seven different girls in seven days - the gang roots him on in order to forget about their own miserable week.

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Written by: Craig Gerard, Matthew Zinman

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

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Quotes (2)

Lily: Trying to nail seven girls in seven days is a cry for help!
Ted: Barney's whole life is a cry for help!

Wendy: Take out order for Cook Pu. We have a Number Two over here for Cook Pu.
Ted: You guys got Wendy saying it now? Come on, like, I get it, Cook Pu is a stupid name and it gets stupider and stupider the more you say it. Cook Pu, Cook Pu, Cook Pu!
Cook Pu: Here.

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