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5.10 - The Window Aired December 7, 2009

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A woman Ted has wanted to date for years is finally on the market again. A letter Marshall wrote to himself when he was 15 reinforces his fear he's become a corporate stooge.

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Guest Stars: Joanna Garcia-Swisher as Maggie Wilks, Jamie Kaler as Jim, Charlene Amoia as Wendy, George Finn as Jamie Adamic, Marieve Herington as Betty, Jay Lay as The Nicest Guy in the World, Alec Medlock as Waiter, Matthew Moy as Louis, Barbara Perry as Mrs. Douglas, Michael Spellman as Adam, Bryan Callen as Bilson

Written by: Joe Kelly

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (5)

Ted: (Running down the street) I hate Barney Stinson!
Random Woman: Me, too!

Robin: Ted, change of plans.
Ted: You left her with Barney?!
Barney: Ted, relax. I'm your bro.
Ted: You're an animal!

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