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5.02 - Double Date Aired September 28, 2009

Double Date

During a blind date, Ted realizes he had a blind date with the same woman seven years ago. Meanwhile, Barney and Marshall discover a Lily lookalike at a strip-club.

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Guest Stars: Lindsay Sloane as Jen, Rizwan Manji as Dr. Vikash, Molly Prather as Judy, Alyssa Julya Smith as April, Clyde Tull as Minister Giles

Written by: Matt Kuhn

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

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Quotes (2)

Barney: Guess who just got four tickets to the "Origins of Chewbacca" Star Wars exhibit?
Lily: Why?
Barney: No, I said, "guess who?"
Lily: I heard you.

Jen: So, any thoughts on food?
Ted: Yeah. You want to share the oysters?
Jen: I'd love to share the oysters.
Ted: Good, cause if you wouldn't that would be... mighty shellfish.

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Miko Finland, 21:58 May 14 2016.
When marshall dreams about mail lady. What is that classical song on the background? I dont mean this song by goldspot..i mean the real classical one that is played with etc..

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