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4.11 - Little Minnesota Aired December 15, 2008

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Marshall takes Robin to a Minnesota-themed bar, while Ted tries to keep Barney away from his visiting sister.

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Guest Stars: Jon Paul Burkhart as Herm, Scott Michael Morgan as Glen, Sean Graham (III) as Wayne, Tug Coker as Bud, Erin Cahill as Heather, Eric Bruskotter as George

Written by: Chuck Tatham

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (11)

Barney: (Singing too the tune of "Jingle Bells") Pulling down her pants, yanking off my own
Underneath the mistletoe, I'll make your sister moan!
Oh, Heather's hot, Heather's hot, we'll go all the way…

Robin: I'm proud to be Canadian. We may not have a fancy NFL team, or Prince, but we invented Trivial Pursuit—you're welcome, Earth. Plus, in Canada, you can go to an all-nude strip club and order alcohol. That's right. From Moose Jaw to the Bay of Fundy, you can suck down a 20-ounce pilsner while watching some coal miner's daughter strip down to her pelt. Jealous?

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