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4.08 - Woooo! Aired November 17, 2008


A birthday party for one of Lily's co-workers leads to Robin becoming a "Wooo! Girl". Meanwhile, Ted presents his plan for the headquarters of Goliath National Bank.

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Guest Stars: Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Jilian, Bryan Callen as Bilson, Kevin Christy as Sven #1, Krista Kalmus as Misty, Erika Medina as Stacey, Jae W. Suh as Crystal, Sam Littlefield as Sven #2, Ted Cannon as Sven #3, Matthew Stephen Young as Mechanical Bull Operator

Written by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

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Quotes (6)

Lily: We saw you woo.
Robin: Saw who woo?
Lily: Saw you woo.
Robin: I didn't woo.
Lily: You did too.
Robin: That's not true.
Lily: Your nose just grew

Lily: Oh, my God, Bitch, this is our anthem!
Robin: Really, who sings this?
Lily: Is LL Cool J still doing things?

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