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4.07 - Not a Father's Day Aired November 10, 2008

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Barney celebrates a pregnancy false alarm by creating a day for men who aren't fathers. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily wonder if it's time to have a baby.

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Guest Stars: Dan Lauria as Nolan, Lindsey Stoddart as Charlotte, Michael Antosy as Recruit, Joyce Kirkconnell as Nurse, Michael Hagiwara as Mr. Li, Michael McCafferty as Cabbie, Elena K. Smith as Ted's Cousin, Daničle Watts as Lori

Written by: Robia Rashid

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (7)

Lily: Marshall and I were going to have "dinner", and I thought I was ready to have "dinner". But now I'm not sure. Am I ready to have "dinner"?
Ted: Well, I had a late lunch, so I could wait on dinner.
Lily: "Dinner" is a baby.
Robin: Lily, that's horrible!

Lily: Ted, you may be single and childless, but you're totally a dorky dad.
Ted: I don't think I like your tone, young lady.

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