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4.05 - Shelter Island Aired October 20, 2008

Shelter Island

After Ted and Stella decide to wed in just three days, their exes turn up and ruin the plan.

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Guest Stars: Jason Jones as Tony Grafanello, Danneel Ackles as Nora Zinman, Lyndsy Fonseca as Daughter, David Henrie as Son, Annie Abrams as Desk Clerk, Darcy Rose Byrnes as Lucy Zinman, Aaron Hendry as Juice Bar Guy, Derek Shizuto as Host, Sarah Chalke as Stella Zinman

Written by: Chris Harris

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

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Lily: (To Barney) The first drunk bridesmaid you see, you'll have your head under her dress like an old-time photographer.

Ted: The lamb here is supposed to be great.
Nora: I am a vegan. I wish I could tune out that moral voice inside me that says eating animals is murder. But, I guess I'm just not as strong as you are.
Ted: That's 'cause you need protein.

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