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3.13 - Ten Sessions Aired March 24, 2008

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Ted tries to woo his dermatologist Stella but only seems to be getting attention from her receptionist.

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Guest Stars: Ria Pavia as Gloria, Don Creech as Old Guy, Caroline Whitney-Smith as Brenda, Christine Joaquin as Kourtney, Britney Spears as Abby, Sarah Chalke as Stella Zinman, Charlene Amoia as Wendy, Marshall Manesh as Ranjit

Written by: Chris Harris, Craig Thomas, Carter Bays

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (5)

Barney: You juggled? I thought you were trying to impress her.
Ted: You do magic. How is juggling lamer than magic?
Barney: Magic isn't lame.
Ted: I don't get it. If she—
Barney: Is this lame?! (A spark flies out of his hand)
Lily: Barney, no, no! We said no fireballs at the table!
Marshall: What the hell is wrong with you?
Robin: There's alcohol here!
Wendy: Barney, we've talked about this. It's a fire code violation.
Barney: Ted provoked me!
Lily: No, you're on a timeout. Go sit over there.

Ted: I'm not some top 40 song, easily digestible. I'm complex and require multiple listens. I'm "Stairway to Heaven".
Robin: Boy, Roger Daltrey must be rolling over in his grave.
(Everyone stares at her)
Robin: What? I got the wrong guy, didn't I? He's not even dead, is he?

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