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3.12 - No Tomorrow Aired March 17, 2008

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On St. Patrick's day Ted follows Barney to a bar and lives like there's no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Robin discovers something strange about Marshall and Lily's new apartment.

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Guest Stars: Mieko Hillman as Stephanie, Arielle Vandenberg as Mary, Hope Riley as Attractive Brunette, Vanessa Minnillo as Ashlee, Terrell D. Lee as Bouncer, Brian Letscher as Angry Guy, Ryan Burnham as Barman #1, Matthew Hatchette as Barman #2, Nicole Muirbrook-Wagner as Woman

Written by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (5)

Lily: We're going to raise our kids here. I don't want some Confederate General ghost teaching them his racism.
Marshall: He loves people of all colors and creeds. He was fighting for states' rights, that's all.
Lily: Robin said he was wearing a sheet. What do you think that means?

Marshall: What the hell is wrong with you? You kissed a married woman, Ted. You committed credit card fraud... you kissed a married woman! Do you know how offensive that is to me? You're turning into Barney. We don't need another Barney.

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