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3.09 - Slapsgiving Aired November 19, 2007

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Marshall warns Barney that his third slap from the "Slap Bet" will be coming on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Ted and Robin sleep together the night before Thanksgiving.

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Guest Stars: Orson Bean as Bob, Eben Ham as Younger Bob

Written by: Matt Kuhn

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (7)

Barney: The killer in a horror movie does not stand in front of the camp cabins with a bullhorn and shout, "Attention, unguarded teens! At 3:00 I will jump out of that closet and hack you to death with a machete. By the way, my only weakness is fire."

Marshall: Oh my! Look at that! That means we're in the final hour of the countdown.
Barney: I'm not scared
Marshall: Then why is your right cheek twitching?
Barney: It's not...
Marshall: Maybe it's because future me slaps future you so hard, it reverberates back to the present, shattering the time-slap continuum .
Barney: Please don't slap me!

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