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3.01 - Wait For It... Aired September 24, 2007

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Months after his breakup Ted still isn't ready to date, but he decides it time to do something adventurous when Robin returns to New York City with an exotic boyfriend.

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Guest Stars: Enrique Iglesias as Gael, Lyndsy Fonseca as Daughter, David Henrie as Son, Amanda Loncar as Lydia, Frank Alvarez as Steve, Donovan Dustin as Tyler, Sharon Madden as Millie

Written by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (6)

Ted: OH MY GOD! I have a tattoo!
Barney: That's not a tattoo. That, dear boy, is a tramp stamp.
Ted: Tramp stamp?
Barney: You know, a ho-tag, ass antlers, a Panama City licence plate.

Barney: What's up? Oh, and BTW, I am never speaking to Ted again.
Lily: Really? Not even if, say, butterflies flew out of his ass?

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