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2.18 - Moving Day Aired March 19, 2007

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Ted and Robin decide to move in together, but the gang aren't happy - especially Barney.

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Guest Stars: Rachelle Lefevre as Sarah, Jessica Barth as Church Girl, Ella Thomas as Girl #1, Necar Zadegan as Girl #2, Ailsa Marshall as Girl #3

Written by: Maria Ferrari

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (7)

Marshall: (Giving Ted one of the two swords) I hate to break up the set, but you're going to need it.
Robin: He's right. My building is infested with dragons.

Barney: Question one: Ted, do you want to move in with Robin?
Ted: Yes.
Barney: Wrong! The correct answer is: No, I want to stay single and have fun with my awesome friend Barney. Question two: Robin, do you think you can find someone who's hotter than Ted?
Barney: Correct! The correct answer is awkward silence.

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EricaLCTT Japan, 06:29 Sep 28 2014.
talking to yourself is weird so is complimenty

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