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2.08 - Atlantic City Aired November 13, 2006

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Marshall and Lily run off to Atlantic City to get married, but they find it's not quite as easy as they'd hoped.

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Guest Stars: Mary Gillis as Old Woman, Boyuen as Big Chinese Gambler, Jim Lau as Chinese Man, Patricia Belcher as Receptionist, Michael David Cheng as Paul, Monique Edwards as Producer, Katie Micucci as Registrar, Todd Stashwick as Steve, Richard Gant as Judge

Written by: Maria Ferrari

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (10)

Barney: I can get us that money.
Ted: How?
Barney: Have you noticed that all day Chinese men keep coming up to me?
Ted: Yes. Have you noticed I haven't asked about it because I'm too afraid of the answer?

Registrar: You are aware that this is not Las Vegas.
Robin: Tell me about it. In Vegas casinos pump in oxygen. Here, most guests bring their own.

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