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2.06 - Aldrin Justice Aired October 23, 2006

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Ted gets Lily a job at his work, but she causes him trouble when he won't stand up to his boss. Meanwhile, Barney sleeps with Marshall's law professor to help his grades.

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Guest Stars: Ewan Chung as Office Worker, Charles Robinson as Bank President, Jane Seymour as Professor Lewis, Bryan Cranston as Hammond Druthers

Written by: Jamie Rhonheimer

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (5)

Barney: Let the hunt begin!
Marshall: Wait! I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with you hunting my constitutional law professor.
Barney: Who would you rather have grading your papers? A savage, man eating, jungle cat or a purring, satisfied kitty?
Marshall: Go Barney, go mount and stuff that cougar!

Barney: Tonight, just like John Mellencamp, I am going to get rid of the cougar once and for all.

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