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1.04 - Return of the Shirt Aired October 10, 2005

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Ted finds a shirt that he hasn't seen for years, spurring him to reconsider a past girlfriend. Meanwhile, Barney coaxes Robin into saying outlandish things live on air.

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Guest Stars: Choice Skinner as Trucker Hat Guy #1, John Henry Canavan as Trucker Hat Guy #2, Buck Kartalian as Henry, Katelin Chesna as One Guest, Monique Edwards as Producer, Anne Dudek as Natalie, Michael Kagan as Joel Adams, Jackie Geary as Jackie, Ange Billman as Steph, Lyndsy Fonseca as Daughter, David Henrie as Son

Written by: Kourtney Kang

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (9)

Robin: I am a journalist!
Barney: What? Journalist? You're the little fluff-pieces at the end of the news. Old people, babies, monkeys, that's not journalism. That's just things in a diaper.

Barney: Oh, search your soul, Robin. You and I both know this wasn't about the money. Sure, Metro News 1 pays you jack. And, hey, a little green salad on the side is good for you, me and Mr. McGee.
Lily: Seriously, who talks like that?

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