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1.03 - Sweet Taste of Liberty Aired October 3, 2005

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After agreeing to let Barney spice up his love life, Ted ends up in Philadelphia and in trouble with the law.

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Guest Stars: Earl Billings as Officer McNeil, Gita Isak as Stewardess, Mark Edward Smith as Bomb Squad Guy, Robb Derringer as Derrick, Carla Toutz as Sascha, Pedro Miguel Arce as Dana, Floyd Vanbuskirk as Leonard, Sean Lucore as Sean, Tiffany Brouwer as Laura, Alyshia Ochse as Tatiana, Chuck Carter as Guy #2, Dustin Lancaster as Guy #3, Anna Zielinsk as Cute Girl, Joe Nieves as Carl, Lyndsy Fonseca as Daughter, David Henrie as Son

Written by: Phil Lord, Chris Miller

Directed by: Pamela Fryman

Quotes (9)

Barney: It's going to be legen... wait for it ...and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant because the second half of that word is ... DAIRY!

Ted: If you want to go lick the Liberty Bell, just go lick it yourself.
Barney: No, it has to be the two of us.
Ted: Why? Why do you need me?
Barney: Because you're my best friend, all right? You don't have to tell me I'm yours. But the way I see it, we're a team. Without you, I'm just the dynamic uno.

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Vera Netherlands, 05:35 Jun 20 2011.
The thing were Barney texted the photo's of hem watching at Marshall was so funny. I just adore Barney.

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